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Efficiency as part of the quality model in Software Engineering encompasses the set of attributes that evaluate the level of software performance and those of resources needed under established conditions, such as time and the use of these resources.


The system for dealing with Sinister Claims applications developed for MonteAlto Corredores de Seguros, was a project that aimed to automate the management of information in the following processes: entry and follow-up of sinisters claims, information traceability, statistical control and indicators of productivity.


Due to the fact that for each Sinister Claim it is necessary to collect a large amount of information such as documents, photos, among others, we developed a Document Management module, which in an optimized way allowed to incorporate files of different formats (images, office automation, etc.) applying compression and validation of sizes for a better use of physical space.


The solution has environments located on different servers, the use of an efficient physical design and distribution, allowed storage and accessibility in a secure way.